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Caring for your Quilt

First and foremost, quilts should be used.  Whether it's on a bed, thrown on the back of the couch or used as baby's play mat, any quilter will be most happy to see their hard work and creativity used and loved by the recipient.  And your quilt will be happier, too! The worse thing for a quilt is to be tucked away from the world.  But with use, comes responsibility to care for your quilt to make it last a lifetime (or longer!).  Just follow these tips:

  • Handwashing is always best but machine washing on GENTLE or HANDWASH cycles is efficient. 
  • Use COLD water only.
  • A mild hypoallergenic detergent - NEVER use bleach. (Tip: fill your machine and add your detergent before placing quilt in the machine.)
  • Quilts are fluffiest when air dried.  
    • Lay an old sheet on the floor and spread out quilt to dry.
    • Limited space: fold length-wise to drape over a drying rack but make sure to flip for even drying
    • Clothesline: drape over the line length-wise to decrease the amount of pull on the quilt.
    • Use the dryer on delicate, no heat setting until the quilt is almost dry. Then lay it flat to dry completely.
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